Coatings and Sealers

Concrete is porous with a variety of materials used in its construction.  The formation of Calcium Silicate Hydrate is a complex chemical reaction.  Quality Concrete is achieved through professional installation of a concrete mix design using quality materials.  Once installed, concrete needs to be cured and protected.  The curing and protection of concrete can be achieved by using surface applied membranes and chemicals.

Concrete Cures, Sealer and Coatings can be grouped into the following general categories.


There exists a wide range of material technologies in the Acrylic Polymer products range. These products may act as curing agents and sealers for hydrating and protecting the concrete and may also provide gloss and colour depth. Concretech SB-Series and WB-series sealers are designed for professionals and are available for use as curing and sealing products for a wide range of applications.

SB-Series – These materials are high quality acrylic polymers in a solvent solution.  Concretech SB-Series acrylics are UV stable and will not fade or yellow under UV exposure, provide medium to high gloss and very good darkening of the concrete to create a wet look.  Concretech SB-Series concrete sealers are available in VOC limits as low as 400 grams per litre.

WB-Series – Water born, VOC compliant acrylic sealers. Designed for professionals and to adhere to all North American VOC regulations.


Epoxies provide a highly durable finish for protection of the concrete. These polymers provide enhanced abrasion resistance and excellent protection. In general, epoxies are not UV stable and may deteriorate or yellow under UV exposure. Depending on the specified system, these materials may provide a high gloss finish and darken and enhance the concrete colour.


Urethanes provide a highly durable finish for the protection of the concrete. These polymers are UV stable and provide color enhancement, gloss and long term protection, abrasion and impact resistance.

Concretetch offers a wide range of liquid applied curing, sealing and coating materials.  Consult our Technical Data Sheets for additional information.