Concrete Colour

Concrete Colour can be achieved in a variety of ways. It can be achieved by integral colouring of the full depth of the concrete to installation of shake on or dust on colour hardening materials.  Additional colour and pattern can be provided through imprinting and texturing tools and by using powdered and liquid antiquing colours.

Concretech manufactures a wide range of materials for providing colour and pattern to concrete:

Integral Colour – conveniently packaged in 6.5 lb disintegrating bags, Concretech makes integral colouring hassle free.  Simply toss in the correct amount of bags, charge the concrete mix for ten minutes and pour.

Colour Hardener – As an alternative to Integral Colour, a shake on/dust on colour hardener may be used. Contractors may choose to blend several colours or combine a contrasting colour to the selected integral colour to create a variety of design options.

Release Agents – Primarily used as a lubricating and release agent for imprinting tools, Concretech Release Agents also providing secondary colour in the relief areas of the imprinted concrete.  the result is authentic stone and tile surfaces.

Concretech also provides supporting products and chemicals for use in the colouring and imprinting of concrete.  Please refer to our Technical Data Sheets for additional information.