Concretech offers products for re-surfacing of existing concrete.  During the process of installing these products, integral colour and other Concretech Products can be combined to provide all the design options available in new concrete construction.

SLO – Engineered to Self Level and Self Consolidate, this material can be used in any re-surfacing application where staining, dyeing, polishing, engraving or a natural grey finish is desired.  This is a fast setting, durable wear surface for any commercial or residential application.

Gray/White Stamp – Engineered to allow for the use of stamping and imprinting tools. Available in gray and white color bases to allow for the integration of iron oxide colour to provide almost limitless colour options.

Broomcoat – High Performance Concrete Re-Surfacer.  Available in Gray and White bases for the addition of integral colour.

Concretech manufactures a range of concrete patching, overlay and repair materials.  Refer to Concretech Technical Data Sheet section for more information.

Overlay and Patching